Study of Contemporary Muslim Lives

Study of Contemporary Muslim Lives

Study Contemporary Muslim Lives (SCML) is a research hub based within the Department of Anthropology, undertaking research on social, cultural and political aspects of contemporary Muslim communities and societies.

The SCML is committed to the advancement of social scientific understandings of Muslim lives in different social and geographical contexts through excellent empirical research, scholarly publications, and active postgraduate programs.

By drawing on existing strengths within the faculty and university through collaboration with scholars in other departments and research fields, the SCML aims to advance interdisciplinary scholarship in the study of Muslim communities through robust international collaborations, including a Visiting Scholar Program.

The SCML research hub provides opportunities to pursue higher degrees though research (PhD) in the area of the study of contemporary Muslims as well as opportunities for Post-Doctoral research.

About us

Initiated in 2012 under the direction of Dr Gabriele Marranci, the Study of Contemporary Muslim Lives research hub (SCML) brings an innovative multidisciplinary and problem-focused approach to research relating to Muslims living in contemporary societies and provides a dynamic, outward-looking research platform that addresses contemporary issues related to the Muslim world.

SCML assembles a large concentration of expertise in the anthropological and social scientific study of contemporary Islam and Muslim communities, with scholars conducting research in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The research hub forges robust networks and partners with national and international scholars and centres of research. Within the SCML, the concept of serving the community is extremely important and the research hub will closely engage with local and wider Muslim communities and groups as part of its community service and outreach, through public seminars, conferences and open papers and reports. Activities facilitated by SCML include data collection projects, seminars, colloquia, lectures, conferences, social research and a strong dissemination and publication program through its editorial activities.

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