Our people

Our people


Photo of Barbara Messerle

Barbara Messerle

Department of Molecular Sciences

Ph.D. University of Sydney 1987. Postdoctoral Fellow ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland 1987-1989, Gritton Research Fellow, University of Sydney 1990-1991; ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellow 1992-1997, and ARC Senior Research Fellow 1997-2002, at the University of Sydney and UNSW. At UNSW from 1999: Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, then Professor 2008-, and Head...View full profile in our Researcher's database

Photo of Ralph Lam

Mr Ralph Lam

Photo of Matthew Peterson

Mr Matthew Peterson

Photo of Danfeng Wang

Ms Danfeng Wang

Previous Members


Life After the Messerle Group

Dr Roy T. McBurney 2017 (Post-doc) Coordinator, Major Research Grant Initiatives, Research Grants and Contracts, University of Sydney
Josh Tompsett 2017 (MRes)  
Dr Mark R. D. Gatus 2017 (Post-doc) Project and SciQuest Coordinator, Macquarie University
Dr Samantha Binding 2017 (Post-doc)  
Ashwin Gopalan Nair 2017 (PhD)  Research Chemist, Nanosonics
Andrew Wheals 2016 (MRes)  Network Engineer
Chin Min Wong 2016 (PhD)  
Sandra Choy 2016 (PhD) Policy Graduate Program, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
Dr Barney Walker 2015 (Post-doc) Partner in a Sustainability and Clean Technology Consultancy and Executive Search Firm
Dr Michael Page 2014 (Post-doc)  
Andrey Tregubov 2013 (PhD) Post-doc, University of Illinois, USA; Senior Research Fellow, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Yeng Ying Lee 2013 (MSc) Information Analyst, Johnson Matthey, UK
Giulia Mancano 2013 (PhD) Post-doc, University of Reading, UK
Marina Timerbulatova 2013 (PhD) Management Trainee, ANZ
Matthew Peterson 2012 (Hons) Graduate program, ANSTO, Sydney
Oanh Nguyen 2012 (PhD)  
Carol Hua 2011 (Hons) PhD, University of Sydney
Joanne Ho 2010 (PhD) Research scientist, Kemin Industries, Singapore
Bradley Man 2010 (PhD) Patent examiner, IP Australia, Canberra
Laurent Poorters 2009 (Post-doc)  
Rebecca Wilson 2008 (Post-doc)  
Serin Dabb 2008 (PhD) Managing editor, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge UK
Michael Page 2008 (PhD) Post-doc, University of Bath, UK
Richard Hodgson 2007 (Post-doc)  
Danielle Kennedy 2007 (PhD) Research scientist, CSIRO, Melbourne
Adele Shasha 2007 (PhD) Assistant Manager, UNSW analytical centre
Katherine Sage 2007 (Hons)  
Zheng Li 2007 (Hons)  
Khuong Vuong 2006 (PhD) Post-doc, Nottingham University, UK
Sarah Rumble 2006 (PhD) Manager (new chemical assessment), NICNAS, Sydney
Sophie Beeren 2005 (Hons) PhD, Cambridge University, UK
Martin Drinkwater 2005 (Hons)  
Emily Waller 2005 (Hons) Scientist, National Deuteration Facility, ANSTO, Sydney
German Ferrando 2005 (Post-doc)  
Connie Diakos 2002 (PhD)  
Suzanne Burling 2002 (PhD) Senior scientist, ANSTO, Sydney
Vivienne Munk 2001 (PhD)  
Melanie Young 2001 (Hons)  
Vickie-Anne Tolhurst 2000 (Hons)  
Linnea Soler 1999 (PhD) Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK

International Practicum Students

The Messerle group has been fortunate to host a number of international practicum students over the years. The mutual exchange of knowledge and experience has been greatly rewarding for both us and our guests and it is a great opportunity to develop relationships with researchers from across the globe.

Here are some of our recent guests:

Masahiro Kouno 2017 Osaka University, Japan
Tobias Setzer 2011 Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, Germany
Jan Schumaker 2011 Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, Germany
Nathalie van der Molen 2010 Hanze University, Netherlands
Astrid Knudtsen 2009 University of Aarhus, Denmark
Kim Lebek 2007 University of Aarhus, Denmark
Tina Mittag 2004 University of Aarhus, Denmark
Ciara Chiardi 2002 University of Florence, Italy
Manuela Rehr 2000 University of Marburg, Germany
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