Major facilities

Major facilities

Who are we?

The Macquarie Analytical Facility is comprised of five major units:

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility

APAF provides a range of services and cutting-edge instrumentation for protein and proteome analysis. APAF works with academic and industry researchers across the life-sciences domain, with a strong focus on biomedical, agriculture and food and analytical research sectors.

Microscopy Unit

The Microscopy Unit is a research and service based laboratory. Staff provide appropriate training, support and expertise to MQ staff and students (clients). The unit has a suite of electron and optical instruments with associated specimen preparation equipment.

Chemical Analysis Facility

Our aim is to provide consultancy and analytical services in areas such as; Non-routine types of analysis, analytical method development, materials QA (e.g. Purity, performance and degradation), as well as routine analyses (such as elemental determination of samples).

NMR Facility

The NMR facility is focused on research support and teaching, however we also provide services to industrial clients, including chemical structure determination of organic molecules and proteins/biomolecules, purity determination and quality assurance and kinetics analysis.

GeoAnalytical Facility

GeoAnalytical is an integrated research and teaching facility for the analysis of major elements, trace elements and isotopic ratios in geological materials (minerals, rocks) in situ and in solution.

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