Getting started: Information for researchers

Getting started: Information for researchers

What is the Macquarie Analytical Facility?

The Macquarie Analytical Facility is a collection of analytical centres and groups within the Faculty of Science of Engineering, working together to provide a wide range of services and instrumentation for research and commercial projects.

This website is a virtual space that allows you to browse through all of the equipment and facilities available within Macquarie Analytical Facility. As departments and units we are strong, as a cohesive faculty we have an unbeatable range of instruments, facilities and expertise at your disposal.

Browse the instruments we have available to see what is available that might enhance your research. If you would like advice about the available instruments, or you would like assistance with your project send an inquiry to for direction to the appropriate technical staff member who can assist you.

Instrument use and booking

All of the equipment listed here is accessible to any researcher within the university. Certified training is a prerequisite for the use of any instrument - this is managed by the staff member listed for each instrument.The use of many instruments is managed through the ACLS booking system, which is accessible on the university network. Macquarie University staff and students must register in order to be able to view or book instruments. Please download the ACLS guide to obtain instructions for registration and use of the ACLS system.

Arrangements can be made for external or commercial use of instrumentation in some cases - please contact the instrument owner for more information, or send a general enquiry to for direction to the appropriate staff member.

How much does it cost?

Usage charges are associated with instruments – these charges are fully transparent and are related to the cost of instrument upkeep. The cost price of a selection of instruments is available in our pricing list. These rates are for external commercial clients - internal usage is supported by the Faculty and therefore discounted rates are available for members of FoSE, and for some facilities, an access fee is charged to internal users instead of hourly charges.

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