APAF Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1

APAF Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 1

Welcome to our inaugural APAF e-Newsletter. You are receiving this newsletter as you are either a current customer or we have had contact with you in the past. We intend to use this forum to keep you regularly abreast of the latest services available for protein and proteome analysis, provide you with a quick reference to some of the latest publications in our field and introduce you to the APAF scientists that work so diligently to get you the highest quality data.

Free Amino Acids as useful biomarkers

Free amino acids found within plasma are useful biochemical markers for the diagnosis and clinical management of inborn errors of metabolism and assessment of nutritional status in humans and animals. APAF has been involved in studies investigating the effect of acute serotonin and/or dopamine depletion resulting from dietary depletion of tryptophan and/or tyrosine/phenylalanine on psychiatric disorders; and the effects of amino acid supplementation on exercise-induced fatigue. Read more

Bio-plex applications available in APAF

Bio-Plex/Luminex systems allows for the simultaneous analysis of multipleanalytes in samples -including cytokines, Chemokines, growth factors and phosphoproteins. Commercial kits are also available for various assays such as pro-acute phase proteins, pro-angiogenesis, pro-diabetes, cell signaling, neuroscience, bone metabolism, iso-typing and cancer biomarkers that can be analyzed with Bio-Plex/Luminex systems. Read more

An Introduction to bioinformatics at APAF

One of the main focuses of our group has been the development of a data analysis pipeline for label free experiments with complex experimental design, motivated by a series of drought stress experiments involving multiple conditions ran by researchers at CBMS Macquarie University. Read More

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