Protein Identification

Protein Identification

Protein Identification

Protein identification using mass spectrometry takes many forms and is often dependant upon the purity/complexity of the protein sample and the depth of coverage required. APAF performs protein identification services for a broad range of sample types including:

Recombinant proteins Intact proteins and antibodies
1D- and 2D-PAGE purified samples
Immuno-purified (IP) samples
Fractionated (high pH or other) lysates from animals, plants microorganisms, biofluids, cells, tissue and muscle

Selected Services

Analysis of Purified Protein Samples
Purified proteins can be analysed by either MALDI-MS (intact or bottom-up), or by LC/MS. APAF uses
nanoflow LC/MS extensively, providing highly sensitivity detection of purified protein samples. For biologicals, APAF offers a multi-enzyme approach for peptide mapping studied.

LC/MS Analysis of Complex Proteomes
For more complex samples, APAF uses extended LC gradients (up to 3 hours) or sample fractionation
techniques such as offline high pH LC or 1D SDS PAGE prior to MS, to provide a more detailed assessment of the protein complement of a complex sample.

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