Customer Satisfaction survey

Customer Satisfaction survey

APAF customer survey shows high satisfaction in delivery and responses

APAF provides professional service to a wide range of life-science researchers in industry and academia. We have a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of technologies and services which is influenced through customer survey and feedback.

Below is a snapshot of recent findings.

Customer survey

APAF proteomics market coverage

APAF has a broad attraction to the scientific community. This includes survey feedback from research groups of government, academic and private institutions. Small and mid-size biotech as well as big pharma was represented, as was the agricultural and academic medical research sectors.

APAF results delivery and customer responses.

In general terms clients were pleased with the high quality, reliable results that APAF provides. A number of investigators reported that APAF was able to assist in advancing their research, with outputs leading to new publications and grant funding success. For Industry clients, a common response was that APAF helped resolve a problem. Some customers told us that APAF continues to meet their expectations as they had continual dealings with us over many years.

APAF Management conclusions

Despite an 80% satisfaction rate, APAF management have noted that customers’ expectations on “time to report”, the lowest criteria score in this survey. As this criterion is resource dependent, it is a challenge to address. Our approach is to improve communication to set expectations for sample turnaround times for those activities that have large queues.

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