Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Autumn 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter for 2013

Nature Methods has named “Multiple reaction monitoring” as Method of the Year for 2012. This is a targeted mass spectrometry method akin to Western Blotting for cell biologists, but is arguably superior as we obtain structural information to ensure correct peptide identification, can be highly multiplexed and is very precise for quantitative information – all without the need for antibodies! APAF has been a leader in the application of MRM and in this newsletter we are pleased to bring this technique to your attention.

Two other articles of importance to our readers are also discussed. Comparative protein analyses are best conducted using iTRAQ labelling mass spectrometry. This technique identifies thousands of proteins and provides relative quantitation between samples. APAF is one of the world’s most experienced labs for iTRAQ, having conducted our first study in 2007. Phosphoproteomics is becoming of great interest to many researchers as a way to study cell biology and intracellular signalling. At APAF we now offer phosphoproteomics as a research service.

We also take this opportunity to thank clients for their feedback which we will use to improve our services. As always, we welcome your feedback at

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