Melanie Zeppel

Melanie Zeppel



Dr Melanie Zeppel
Senior Research Fellow, Health Economics
GenIMPACT: Centre for Economic Impacts of Genomic Medicine

Contact Details
P: +61 2 9850 4764
A: Room 435, Level 3, 4 Eastern Rd, Macquarie University NSW 2109   Map

Dr Melanie Zeppel researches genomic medicine, data analytics and microsimulation modelling at GenIMPACT, the National Centre for the Economic Impact of Genomic Medicine at Macquarie University. Her research involves data analysis and publishing on genomic testing, and microsimulation models. She researches the translation of genomic testing, whole exome sequencing, and whole genome sequencing, and the impact of genetic diagnosis on diagnostic pathways, and the resultant costs and benefits to individuals and government.

She was awarded Scopus Researcher of the Year 2019 for Australia and New Zealand in November 2019.



Deborah Schofield, Melanie Zeppel, Robert Tanton, Lennert Veerman, Simon Kelly, Megan Passey, Rupendra Shrestha (2019) Informal caring for back pain: overlooked costs of back pain and projections to 2030. Pain 24 Dec 2019
doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000001788 [epub ahead of printing]

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Grants and Funding

Melanie Zeppel, Deborah Schofield, Rupendra Shrestha, Sophie Lewis, Sarah Perkins (2020) Costs of heat waves on health: vulnerable communities and regions. 20-22 MQ Research Seeding Grant M Zeppel 110378583 IntFun, $26,898, 2020-2022

Graham P, Zeppel M, Lee E, Kyng T, Beggs P (2019) Excess costs of heat waves on hospital admissions due to violent crime. MQBS Research Accelerator Project Scheme. $10,000

Deborah Schofield, Owen Tan, Rupendra Shrestha, Melanie Zeppel (2018) The costs of childhood cancer, Children’s Cancer Institute $200,000.

Macquarie University, Wright, Westoby, Prentice, et al. (2012-2013) Research Infrastructure Grant. Upgrading Plant Physiology teaching equipment $85,000

Chief Investigators including Medlyn, Zeppel. (2012) MQSIS, Macquarie University Teaching and Learning Funding. Plant Physiology teaching equipment $45,000

Zeppel, Melanie Macquarie University top up grant (2012-2015) Shifting rainfall from spring to autumn: tree growth and water use under climate change. $25,000

Zeppel, Melanie (2011) Shifting rainfall from spring to autumn: water use under climate change. Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher. 2012-2015. $375,000

Zeppel, Melanie Macquarie University Research Fellowship. Water fluxes under climate change in Australian trees. 2010-2012. $330,000

Derek Eamus, Mark Adams, Dr Melanie Zeppel. Spatially integrated estimates of landscape water fluxes. 2008-2010. ARC Discovery 2008: $240,000

Armstrong, Zeppel et al. Uni Technology, Syd (UTS). Challenge Grant. A soil-vegetation-atmosphere model for Australian forests. 2006-2007. $50,000

Zeppel and Macinnis. UTS Early Career Researcher Grant. Measuring tree water use in Australian ecosystems. 2006-2007. $24,000

Zeppel, Melanie CRC for Greenhouse Accounting.  Impacts of salinity on plant growth and water use. 2002-2005. $20,000

Zeppel and Eamus. Australian Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology: Tree water use and growth under drought. 2003-2004. $3,000

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