Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance

Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance

Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance

Macquarie University’s Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance comprises an interdisciplinary team of leading experts who develop financial and market applications to help tackle some of the world's most pressing environmental and social problems. We have worldwide reach and impact by demonstrating a financial and business case for action on environmental and social change.

Recent scientific findings have raised significant concern about the level of negative global environmental change driven by corporate and industrial impacts. Much attention has focused on climate change because it generates new strategic challenges for businesses in the form of changing competitive and regulatory environments (through efforts to constrain carbon emissions) and also through direct physical impacts (for example, impacts from rising temperatures and changes in the number and severity of extreme weather events).

Many studies that have been conducted to estimate economic impacts from global environmental change and climate change point to significant adverse impacts especially for vulnerable sectors. Some of the sectors considered most vulnerable include agriculture, insurance, water and transport, as well as fossil fuel and carbon intensive industries such as the mining and energy sectors.

At the same time, the need to adapt to these challenges and to mitigate the adverse impacts also bring opportunities. At the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, 196 countries agreed to a universal policy to tackle climate change. Because of this global policy, clean technology (clean tech) patent owners – and there are hundreds of thousands of clean tech patents – have started to commercialise their patents, signalling a technological breakthrough in clean tech. Over the history of modern markets, there have been eight technological breakthroughs – railways, electricity, automobiles, radio, microelectronics, personal computers, biotechnology, the internet – that have driven worldwide economic growth. Technological breakthroughs in clean tech will be no different.

We are a first mover in this space in the context of thought leadership, research and teaching. We are focused on understanding the relationships between business, environment and change. Our goal is to collaborate with like-minded partners to help lead the transition towards sustainability.

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