Multicultural Australian English: The new voice of Sydney - International

Multicultural Australian English: The new voice of Sydney - International

Programs Available

PhD or MRes Year 2 + PhD 

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Opening Date

15 Apr 2019 12am AEST 

Closing Date

01 Jul 2021 11pm AEST 

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Macquarie University is offering a MRes Year 2 + PhD bundle or PhD scholarship in Phonetics/Speech Science through the Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project “Multicultural Australian English: The new voice of Sydney” awarded to Prof Felicity Cox (2019-2022).

This project examines the relationship between speech production and ethnic diversity in multicultural Sydney. The aim is to generate an integrated and inclusive model of Australian-English, through phonetic analysis of speech used by adolescents from a range of language backgrounds. Outcomes are expected to inform sociophonetic theories of variation, ethnicity, and identity, and provide a crucial framework for supporting sociocultural cohesion.

The suitable applicant should have disciplinary background in phonetics or sociophonetics. The specific topic of the candidate's research project is negotiable. Potential projects may include:

  • acoustic and/or articulatory examination of select phonetic features of Australian English used by speakers from a range of heritage language backgrounds such as Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, German, Vietnamese, English
  • analysis of the relationship between speech production and the level and type of speaker engagement with the local community
  • ethnophonetic analysis of social microcultures within a school setting
  • examination of sound change through a comparison between select acoustic data from the Multicultural Australian English project and archival Australian English data
  • examination of sound change through agent based modelling

In addition to all of the documents required as part of an online application, applicants are also asked to provide a covering letter, CV and sample of their writing with their application.


This scholarship is available to eligible domestic or international candidates to undertake a direct entry PhD or MRes Year 2 (1 year) + PhD (3 year) program.

Scholarship Components

The scholarship is comprised of a Tuition Fee Offset and a Living Allowance Stipend. The value and tenure of the scholarship is a “MQRES” full-time stipend rate of $28,597 per annum (in 2021 tax-exempt for up to 4 years - indexed annually).

Contact Details

Name: Prof Felicity Cox
Phone: 9850-8767

How to Apply

New applicants to Macquarie University will need to complete the OnlineHDR Candidature and Scholarship Application via the Online Application System and arrange for two academic referee reports to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. Further information can be found on the How to Apply page.

Current applicants with a successful candidature offer less than 12 months old and currently enrolled Macquarie University candidates:

Please note, at the start of your application you should select the scholarship type of "HDR Project/Supervisor Specific Scholarship".

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are expected to have a record of excellent academic performance and preferably, additional relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity in line with the University’s scholarship rating guidelines. Refer to the Rating Scholarship Applicants section for more information about these guidelines.

Macquarie University will advise the successful applicant of entitlements at the time of scholarship offer.

Please quote the allocation number on your application.

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