Language processing in bilinguals with and without language impairment

Language processing in bilinguals with and without language impairment

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01 Aug 2019 12am AEST 

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15 Nov 2019 12am AEDT 

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This PhD project is associated with an Australian Research Council Project grant that focuses on understanding the factors influencing speech production in monolingual and bilingual adult speakers, both in unimpaired speakers and those with acquired language impairment (aphasia). The project may focus on any area that is relevant to this research and the successful candidate will develop the project in association with which could include for example, computational modelling of bilingual language processing, cross language influences on speech errors, the treatment of bilingual aphasia.

Essential Criteria: Excellent academic record including Masters of Research in Psychology, Linguistics, Speech Pathology, Cognitive Science or related field; strong background in psycholinguistics; excellent spoken and written English.

Desirable Criteria: theoretical and practical experience in neurolinguistics/cognitive neuropsychology of language (particularly in aphasia); understanding of theories of bilingual language and cognitive processing; advanced statistical skills (e.g., experience with R and linear mixed effect modelling; experience in computational modelling; proficiency in more than one language.

Interested potential applicants must contact Professor Lyndsey Nickels by email to express interest before submitting an application.


This scholarship is available to eligible international or domestic candidates to undertake a direct entry 3-year PhD program.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are expected to have a record of excellent academic performance and additional relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity at a minimum level of a first-class Honours research degree or Master of Research, in line with the University’s scholarship rating guidelines. Refer to the Rating Scholarship Applicants section for more information about these guidelines.

Scholarship Components

The scholarship is comprised of a Tuition Fee Offset scholarship and a Living Allowance Stipend scholarship.

The value and tenure of the stipend is at the iMQRES full-time stipend rate of $28,092 per annum (in 2020 tax exempt for up to 3 years).

This scholarship is available to domestic and international candidates.

Contact Details

Name: Professor Lyndsey Nickels
Phone: +61 2 9850 8448

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