Greek History

Greek History

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Reference Number

2018142, 2018143, 2018144 

Opening Date

01 Aug 2019 12am AEST 

Closing Date

15 Nov 2019 11pm AEDT 

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We invite applications from prospective PhD candidates to apply for one of three Greek History Scholarship in the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University in any one or more of the following areas:

  • Classical and Hellenistic Greek History
  • Alexander the Great and his Era
  • Hellenistic Athens
  • Greek Oratory

Successful applicants will work on their PhD theses in the Department of Ancient History that has more than 40 full-time permanent academic staff and a graduate community of over 100 students, and engage with the wider interest in Ancient History in Sydney (for example in schools, museums and other universities).

Students can enrol exclusively at Macquarie University or under the Cotutelle model, where a PhD student enrols at both Macquarie University and an international university (with supervisors in both universities with his/her thesis examined in both institutions leading to qualifications from each university).


This scholarship is available to both Domestic and International candidates to undertake a direct entry 3-year PhD program.

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are expected to have a record of excellent academic performance and preferably, additional relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity in line with the University’s scholarship rating guidelines. Refer to the Rating Scholarship Applicants section for more information about these guidelines.

Scholarship Components

The scholarship is comprised of a Tuition Fee Offset scholarship and a Living Allowance Stipend scholarship.

The value and tenure of the stipend is at the MQRES full-time stipend rate of $28,092 per annum (2020 rate, tax exempt for up to 3 years).

This scholarship is available to domestic and international candidates.

Contact Details

Name: Professor Ian Worthington
Phone: (02) 9850 1819

How to Apply

For information on how to apply, select the "How to Apply" button below.

Please note, at the start of your application you should select the scholarship type of "HDR Project/Supervisor Specific Scholarship"

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