Faculty of Science and Engineering: Engineering - Architectures and algorithms for 5G wireless networks

Faculty of Science and Engineering: Engineering - Architectures and algorithms for 5G wireless networks



Project Name

Architectures and algorithms for 5G wireless networks

Project Description

5G wireless networks will be totally different from the networks of today. New spectrum will be opened up at millimetre wave (mmWave) bands, spectrum that has totally different propagation characteristics than conventional microwave frequencies. Radio waves in the mmWave bands behave more like light than conventional radio, and require beamforming techniques to propagate over even small distances. Conventional cells are no longer relevant, and a new architecture must be developed that takes account of the bursty, on-off nature of the mmWave links. The other totally new ingredient of 5G will be machine-to-machine networks (M2M) involving massive connectivity, and, in some cases, high reliability and low latency. There are many research questions in mm-wave, M2M, cloud-RAN, massive MIMO,…and specific choices for your project will depend on background and interests. All these research questions will have impact on the design of 5G wireless networks.

Other Important information

If interested, applicants are requested to send their CV, copy of academic transcripts for undergraduate and any postgraduate qualifications, and a one page cover letter addressing their background and how it is appropriate for this project. Please send it to stephen.hanly@mq.ed.au with the subject heading “Application for 5G wireless networks PhD project”..

Professor Stephen Hanly
+61 2 9850 4243

This scholarship is available to eligible candidates to undertake either a:

  • Research Training Pathway MRes Year 2 Scholarship (MQRTPMRES) followed by a possible Macquarie University Research Training Program Scholarship (MQRTP) for a 3 year PhD. This is referred to as an MRes/PhD ‘bundle offer’.


  • Direct entry into a 3 year PhD program.

The value and tenure of the scholarship is:

  • The MQRTPMRES Year 2 full-time stipend rate is $26,682 per annum (2017 rate) tax exempt
  • The MQRTP full-time stipend rate is $26,682 per annum (in 2017 tax exempt, for up to 3 years (indexed annually)
  • The scholarship is comprised of a Tuition Fee Offset and a Living Allowance Stipend.

Applicants will need to complete a HDR Candidature and Scholarship Application Form and arrange for two academic referee reports to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. The application form and further information can be found on the Application page.   

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are expected to have a record of excellent academic performance and preferably, additional relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity, awards and/or prizes in line with the University’s scholarship rating guidelines. Refer to the Rating Scholarship Applicants section for more information about these guidelines.

Macquarie University will advise the successful applicant of entitlements at the time of scholarship offer.

Please quote the allocation number on your application.

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