State Super Academic Scholarship

State Super Academic Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The State Super Scholarship has been established as a legacy to acknowledge the organisation’s 100-year anniversary on 1 July 2019.

The scholarship provides funding support for successful applicants to pursue research in fields related to public sector employees and their retirement, supported by pensions and superannuation.

The scholarship will support those seeking to complete research at postgraduate level – either Honours/Masters (by Research) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Who should apply?

Any post-graduate student who has a desire to contribute to a vision for the future of superannuation and retirement incomes and has demonstrated academic excellence in their field.

What fields of research are applicable for the scholarship?

Your proposed research must contribute to the knowledge base for future planning by the NSW government in one of State Super’s priority areas: public sector retirement, pensions and superannuation:

  • The future of pensions in the public sector
  • Attracting and retaining talent in the public sector through superannuation/retirement solutions
  • Innovation in superannuation around the globe
  • Other related fields in pensions, public service and financial services
What is included in the State Super Scholarship?

The successful applicants will receive financial support for a period of 12 months as follows:

StudyAmountNumber of scholarships
Honours/Masters (by Research) Scholarship$ 16,0004 per year
PhD Scholarship$ 36,0001 per year

Successful applicants may apply for the scholarship in subsequent years.

Career and academic support may include the following:

  • Work experience within State Super in Sydney
  • Secondment opportunities within aligned government agencies in NSW
  • Media support and guidance to publish and disseminate the research findings
  • Invitation to attend relevant Australian conferences
Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be accepted to undertake full-time Honours/Masters (by Research) or PhD at one of the eligible NSW universities and be enrolled at their chosen university for the duration of the scholarship period.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Research must be conducted in Australia.

Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Which universities are participating?

All NSW Universities that are scheduled employers in State Super:

The University of Sydney
University of New South Wales
Macquarie University
The University of Newcastle
Southern Cross University
University of Technology Sydney
University of New England
Western Sydney University
University of Wollongong
Charles Sturt University

Students from regional or emerging Universities are encouraged to apply.

Key dates
Applications open1 February 2020
Applications close30 June 2020
Scholarships awarded31 July 2020

Note: Applicants must commence postgraduate study in the 2020 calendar year.

Application process

1. Submit your application to State Super by 30 June 2020
2. Applications will be considered by a scholarship review panel using a standardised assessment process
3. Selected applicants recommended by review panel to State Super
4. State Super selects final successful applicants before 31 July 2020

Scholarship review panel

The review panel consists of four members, with representatives from the following organisations:

  • State Super
  • NSW Treasury
  • NSW Department of Education
  • A retired NSW academic
Selection criteria

Selection will be based on the candidate’s ability to articulate how the proposed research will contribute to the future of superannuation in the NSW public sector.
The panel may consider the following specific criteria:

  • Does the research directly address the topic of public sector retirement, pensions and superannuation?
  • Is the proposed framework innovative and original?
  • Will the research produce significant new knowledge?
  • Is there adequate academic, senior-level supervision of the proposed
  • Is there evidence of past academic performance of the applicant?
Supporting documentation required

1. Academic resume
2. Academic letter of reference
3. Personal letter of reference
4. Letter of support from the Academic Supervisor or Dean of the Faculty or Head of School (or equivalent). The letter should include:
- The supportive elements of the research environment provided
by the University
- Knowledge of the candidate and academic record
- Assessment of the viability of the research proposal
- Commitment to providing support to the candidate and their
5. Academic resume of your Academic Supervisor.

Communication and promotion

By submitting an application, consent is being given to be contacted for public relations opportunities and for your name and other relevant details to be included on websites, media releases and Ministerial announcements.

Communication of the findings of the research through conferences, forums and communication with State Super will be expected.

Wherever possible, academic journal publications of the research will be encouraged.

Reporting requirements

Scholarship recipients will be required to provide State Super with progress reports quarterly and a final report on the research findings as follows:

  • Quarterly Progress Reports as agreed between State Super and the Academic Supervisor
  • Annual Progress Reports are to be submitted one month prior to the annual anniversary of the Scholarship commencement date
  • Final Report – a final report is to be submitted to State Super within three months of completing both the Honours/Masters or PhD

To apply, please visit the State Super website here.

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