Other Research Funding Databases

Other Research Funding Databases

Research Professional is an online database of research funding opportunities and a source of international research policy and practice news. As a member of a subscribing institution, you are free to browse the content of the site, create customised searches of its content and share this information with colleagues.

If you are new to *Research Professional, you might want to start by looking at the “Getting Started” section, "How to create an email alert" or by taking a look at the “Video introductions”.

Different institutions may have access to slightly contrasting content and functionality within *Research Professional. The three main areas of differentiation are:

Standard or Networked: Some institutions have subscribed to additional Networked functionality. This allocates extra tools for individual users and provides Administrators with more options for sharing content with particular groups. Throughout this guide, functionality that is only available on Networked level subscriptions will be clearly marked.

News and Funding: The two main collections of content you may have access to in *Research Professional, include our News content containing international news on research policy and practice created by our own editorial teams, and Funding: a searchable database of open research funding opportunities. The content you have access to will be clearly visible in *Research Professional via the navigation bar located at the top of the page.

Funding Insight: Funding Insight is a collection of additional news and data aimed at helping researchers decide which opportunities to apply for, and to help them make stronger applications. If your institution has access to Funding Insight, you will find a wealth of additional information on the Funding pages in *Research Professional, and you will also have access to the Awards section, where you can search for information on previous award winners.

If you are unsure of your access level, please contact: clientservices@researchresearch.com.

Please see below the link to the Research Professional is an online database of research funding opportunities:


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