Conversational Interaction in Aboriginal and Remote Australia

Conversational Interaction in Aboriginal and Remote Australia


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Project Name

Conversational Interaction in Aboriginal and Remote Australia

Project Description

Macquarie University is offering a bundled Masters by Research + PhD scholarship (1+3 years) in Conversation Analysis/Interactional Linguistics and Language Documentation, as part of a comparative research project ‘Conversational Interaction in Aboriginal and Remote Australia’, funded by the Australian Research Council (2018-2022). The research team consists of Dr Joe Blythe (Macquarie University), Professor Lesley Stirling (University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Ilana Mushin  (University of Queensland) and Associate Professor Rod Gardner (University of Queensland). The project will compare informal conversations conducted in four Australian Aboriginal languages (Jaru, Gija, Murrinhpatha and Garrwa) with conversations conducted in non-Aboriginal English in rural and remote outback regions of Australia. The successful applicant will work with Dr Joe Blythe on documenting conversation in Jaru, a Pama-Nyungan language of Western Australia.

The candidate will help build a video corpus of Jaru conversation for his/her dissertation, and contribute to the larger project which will investigate possible variation within the interactional domain by comparing conversation conducted in under-described Indigenous languages and poorly documented varieties of English, by people with very different cultural backgrounds. The specific topic of the student’s dissertation is negotiable.

The candidate should have a background in typologically oriented linguistics, conversation analysis/interaction linguistics, or linguistic anthropology. 

This scholarship is available to eligible candidates to undertake either a direct entry 3 year PhD program or a Master of Research Year 2 + PhD program. The scholarship includes the stipend plus tuition fees, and is open to either international or domestic applicants. Indigenous applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

Other important information

Applicants are asked to provide their CV, academic transcript, a sample of their writing (e.g., publications, theses, etc.) and a covering letter.

Dr Joe Blythe
+61 2 9850 8089

This scholarship is available to eligible candidates to undertake either:

  • Research Training Pathway MRes Year 2 followed by a 3 year PhD. This is referred to as an MRes/PhD ‘bundle offer’.
  • OR
  • Direct entry into a 3 year PhD program.

The scholarship is comprised of a Tuition Fee Offset and a Living Allowance Stipend. The value and tenure of the scholarship is:

  • MRes/PhD ‘bundle offer’: Tuition Fee Offset and “MQRES MRES” Year 2 full-time stipend rate is $27,082 per annum (in 2018 tax exempt for up to 3 years - indexed annually).
  • OR
  • Direct entry into a PhD: Tuition Fee Offset and “MQRES” full-time stipend rate is $27,082 per annum (in 2018 tax exempt for up to 3 years - indexed annually)

Applicants will need to complete a HDR Candidature and Scholarship Application Form via the Online Application System and arrange for two academic referee reports to be submitted to the Higher Degree Research Office. Further information can be found on the How to Apply page.  

To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants are expected to have a record of excellent academic performance and preferably, additional relevant research experience and/or peer-reviewed research activity in line with the University’s scholarship rating guidelines. Refer to the Rating Scholarship Applicants section for more information about these guidelines.

Macquarie University will advise the successful applicant of entitlements at the time of scholarship offer.

Please quote the allocation number on your application.

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