MRes scholarships for international candidates

MRes scholarships for international candidates

Year 1

There are no general Macquarie University funded scholarships for international applicants applying for entry into Year 1 MRes.

Scholarship opportunities currently available to international students applying for admission into MRes Year 1 are limited to citizens of specific countries, as the scholarships are offered by overseas governments to their nationals.

Opportunities are advertised on our Scholarship Search website

Year 2

Macquarie University's stipend scholarship scheme provides financial support for high-performing candidates who are progressing from MRes Year 1 into the second year of the MRes program (MRes Year 2). International candidates progressing to full time and onsite enrolment from MRes Year 1 to MRes Year 2 who meet the eligibility criteria outlined below may receive a stipend scholarship and tuition-fee offset scholarship*.

Program YearValueMinimum eligibility requirement
MRes Year 1 - MRes Year 2 progressions$28,092 per annum (2020 RTP rate).

Year 2 stipends are paid on a fortnightly basis.
  • Be an international candidate, enrolled full time and onsite
  • Reside within the wider Sydney Metropolitan area
  • Request in the progression paperwork to be considered for a scholarship
  • Be a top ranked* candidate as determined by the competitive ranking process by Macquarie University's Higher Degree Research Office (HDRO)

* Eligibility for the MRes Year 2 progression scholarship is determined by competitive ranking based on the performance of all BPhil/MRes Year 1 units. Exempt units will not be counted for calculation of the 'weighted average'. The final weighted average of every domestic and international candidate will be ranked and the top ranked candidates will be awarded the MRes Year 2 scholarship. The total number of scholarships awarded each year is dependent upon the scholarship budget approved by the University. Candidates enrolling in Session 3 will also be considered based on the final outcome of their units. Eligibility is dependent on meeting the 'weighted average' requirement approved by the University.

New commencing direct entry MRes Year 2:

MRES/PhD 'bundle' opportunities: pathway to PhD

The University offers a limited number of scholarships to international MRes candidates directly applying for an MRes/PhD 'bundle' (i.e. MRes Year 2 and 3-year PhD) through the competitive iRTP/iMQRES International HDR Main Scholarship Round each year.

Applicants for admission to a MRes Year 2 'bundle' or PhD, who are (counter) offered entry to MRes Year 2 with a provisional 3-year PhD and who rank competitively for IRTP/IMQRES scholarship, may be offered a scholarship to cover their MRes Year 2 tuition fees and a living stipend.

PhD scholarships for MRes graduates will be awarded through a competitive ranking process. The scholarship is also subject to Faculty approval. The 3-year PhD scholarship covers the tuition fee and a living stipend at the rate of the Research Training Program (RTP).

Program Year Value Minimum requirement
MRes Year 2 $28,092 per annum (2020 RTP rate) plus tuition fees Offered entry into MRes Year 2 and ranked competitively in an IRTP/IMQRES round.
PhD for 3 years $28,092 per annum (2020 RTP rate) plus tuition fees PhD scholarships for MRes Year 2 graduates will be awarded through a competitive ranking process.

In addition to the main IRTP/IMQRES round scholarships, there are MRes/PhD 'bundle' scholarships available for specific projects. Current opportunities are advertised on our Scholarship Search website

Other scholarship opportunities available to international students applying for direct admission into MRes Year 2 are limited to citizens of specific countries at this time. The following funding opportunities are available for Year 2 international MRes students:

  • China Scholarship Council (CSC)
  • Australia Award scholarships

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