MRes Exchange - Before you apply

MRes Exchange - Before you apply

Before you apply

  • Speak to an MRES Advisor in your faculty about how the exchange program will fit into your MRES Program and when the best time is for you to travel.
  • Find a University and relevant subjects that would fit into your discipline and units.
  • If you are in Year 1 and wish to undertake coursework  exchange units, you will need to check the semester dates of the Partner University and the availability of units.
  • Prepare a detailed study plan.

Partner Universities: We partner with many well regarded International Universities from a number of countries. Please see the Partner Directory to find a country that interests you and offers units that suit your requirements.

  • Apply for the MRES Exchange program with Macquarie, all study plans must be approved by the MRES Advisor and the Faculty Associate Dean HDR. Please see flow chart for more details.

When to apply

Open all year round. However, to ensure a successful outcome please plan 2 to 6 months in advance as applications are subject to Partner University approval and meeting Macquarie University requirements. Also, applicants will need to take into account varying semester dates with International Partner Universities. Download application form here.

Duration of MRES Exchange

Students are allowed to go on an Exchange Program from 3 months up to 12 months depending on the stage of their enrolment.

Year 2 Students can go and do part of their research abroad as well, however they have to bear in mind that the Macquarie thesis submission date would still be the same.

Students should also be aware that the Northern Hemisphere operates on a different timetable. The academic year there extends from August/September through to May/June, with the summer break from June to September.

Costs and funding

Estimated cost of exchange would be based on the following factors:

Tuition Fee:

For 2018 MRES Exchange, tuition fee with be paid directly to the home university. Students do not pay tuition to their host university while on exchange. All students participating in any exchange program will be enrolled into a corresponding load of study at Macquarie University to represent their overseas studies.

Travel Insurance :

It is a requirement of the exchange program that all students must purchase their own travel insurance to cover them for the duration of their entire journey overseas.

All students must be covered under a comprehensive insurance policy from the day they leave Australia until the day they return to Australia (inclusive). It is your choice which policy you purchase, however it is recommended that the coverage meet the following minimum requirements:

  • unlimited medical expenses
  • medical evacuation costs and repatriation costs
  • public liability insurance.

Overseas Student Health Cover

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires all students on student visas and their families (on student dependent visas) to have medical insurance while in Australia.

OSHC Allianz is Macquarie University's preferred provider of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). You are covered by OSHC Allianz from the time you touch down in Australia until the time the policy expires.

Application fee:

There is no application fee.

Other costs

Students are required to purchase their own airfare.

You should also budget and arrange for living expenses such as:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • transport
  • entertainment

Macquarie University Accommodation Services have dedicated accommodation staff who can give you information on your accommodation options, including university accommodation, residential colleges, private accommodation, temporary accommodation and homestay.

Please visit accommodation page to get more information about our services at Macquarie.

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