Unit selection

Unit selection

Please complete the unit selection form, using the materials available online, and in consultation with the applicable MRes Advisor.

1. Select your units

a. Review units and enrolment patterns. Online resources available include:

  • MQ Timetables Important: You must ensure that each unit you select is running in the nominated session and that this unit does not clash with other units

b. Take note of availability and compulsory units for your discipline.

2. Seek academic advice

a. Check special advising instructions in your discipline.

b. Contact your MRes Advisor to discuss your selection.

3. Return form

Return the form by the specified acceptance date to:

Your Faculty Higher Degree Research office OR Master of Research Advisor to obtain the required Faculty approvals.

Your enrolment is processed by the Higher Degree Research Office, Level 3, C5C East
Macquarie University NSW 2109

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