Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning


  • Candidates who have completed relevant advanced level or postgraduate studies (eg. honours or a coursework Masters program) at Macquarie University or another university may receive up to a total of 32 credit points for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards the Master of Research award. If awarded 32 credit points, the student will progress directly to Year 2.
  • Those who have only partially completed a postgraduate award may also be considered for up to 32 credit points of RPL.
  • Credit may be granted for completed or partially completed honours level study and advanced undergraduate (700 level) units.
  • Recognition for Prior Learning will be awarded only for units judged by staff to be equivalent or comparable in terms of content, volume of learning, student learning outcomes and student workload with 700-level units.
  • Students who transfer from one incomplete Macquarie program to another may receive full credit for those units completed in the first program which are part of the second.
  • Recognition for Prior Learning is only granted if the studies have been completed within the previous ten years. Professional qualifications and work experience do not currently attract credit.
  • The Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research is an articulated set and candidates who complete 700-level will receive full credit towards the Master of Research. However, a Bachelor of Philosophy award will only be conferred as an exit qualification to those students who successfully complete 700-level (Year 1) and elect to discontinue.
  • The Recognition for Prior Learning policy allows for the rounding up to the next whole unit (eg. 25% of 12 credit points translates to three quarters of a unit which rounds up to 1 unit in the present context), ie. 1 unit for students in a 3 unit Postgraduate Certificate course even if they have a completed degree.
  • No RPL will be awarded towards the 800-level MRes program (Year 2).
  • Recommendations that fall outside of the above policy should be forwarded with supporting documents to the Higher Degree Research Office for consideration by the Higher Degree Research Committee or Delegate.
  • More than 8 credit points of RPL will affect your eligibility for a stipend. International students must check study load in relation to visa compliance.

How to apply for RPL

1.    Complete the Recognition for Prior Learning application form.

2.    Attach CERTIFIED legible copies of the following documents.

  • A transcript of results 
  • A description of the grading system used,
  • A description of all units completed, taken from the institution's official handbook/calendar for the appropriate year, or other appropriate evidence.

3.    A CERTIFIED translation of any documentation that is not in English must be supplied IN ADDITION TO the original documentation.

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