How to accept your offer

How to accept your offer

Congratulations on your acceptance into Macquarie's new internationally recognised research pathway program.

The research environment at Macquarie is diverse, supportive and exciting. While you are studying at Macquarie, you should make every effort to interact with other researchers and become part of the research community.

It is now time to discuss and plan your program with the MRes Advisor(s) in your discipline (and sub-discipline if you have one) but before you do, please spend some time exploring the pages on our website so that you are prepared for your discussion and aware of University requirements. It is important to note, all unit selections are with academic permission. You will not self-enrol in eStudent. You will need to access eStudent for other steps in the process but you don't add units in the normal way. The Higher Degree Research Office will do that for you.

Successful applicants will receive an offer pack that includes the following items:

  • Letter of offer
  • Unit Selection form

If you have been awarded a stipend you will also receive the following:

  • Acceptance of Scholarship and Banking Authority form

You will be required to complete and return the following:

  • Acceptance of Offer
  • Unit Selection form
  • Acceptance of Scholarship and Banking Authority form (if applicable)

Provisional offers

Provisional offers are made, pending additional information such as final GPA or completion of an IELTS exam.

If you have received a provisional offer, please ensure that you notify HDRO when you have met the requirements.

Important information for domestic students

The majority of successful domestic applicants will be admitted to Year 1 of the program; Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) in Session 1, 2016, and given provisional admission to the Master of Research (MRes) for 2017.

Successful domestic applicants who are offered direct admission to Year 2 of the program, on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), previously known as Credit for Previous Study (CPS) can expect to start the program in January 2016.

The Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research (BPhil/MRes) is a Commonwealth Supported program. Before the University can enrol you in the program you must complete a HECS-HELP Form.

You can submit this form electronically through your eStudent account:

  1. Open the My Offers tab, select panel B - Submit Commonwealth Assistance Form
  2. Ensure that you highlight the BPhil course (at the offer stage)
  3. Complete the HECS-HELP form not the FEE-HELP form
    Optional: See below if you wish to defer your Student Amenities Fee.
  4. After submitting the form wait a couple of seconds and ensure that a green tick appears, with the wording 'Your application has been submitted and approved'.

Note: If you receive a response that says 'Your response has been submitted' only, then this indicates that the information supplied in your application is inconsistent with information held on the Macquarie University student database. For example, your date of birth, gender or citizenship status may differ. You can submit another form if the error was made in your HECS-HELP application. If there is an error in the information held in the University's student database, please contact the Higher Degree Research Office at Macquarie University on 02 9850 7987.

Student amenities fee

As you will be enrolled as undertaking an internal unit of study you will be required to pay a Student Amenities Fee. Please refer to the following link for further information. Student Amenities Fee

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia (Humanitarian Visa Holder), you may wish to lodge a Student Amenities Help Form. Follow the steps outlined above for HECS-HELP but choose the SA-HELP option at Step 3.

Important information for international students

If you have been awarded a Macquarie iRTP scholarship, you will need to notify the Higher Degree Research Office of your acceptance of the scholarship before 7 January 2016 or your scholarship offer will lapse, and it will be offered to students on the reserve list.

Please note that the funds can only be paid into an Australian bank account. If you do not have an Australian bank account when you accept the offer, you can let us know the details after you arrive in Australia.

Recognition of prior learning

If you are interested in obtaining Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you will be required to complete a RPL request form and return it with your acceptance of offer and unit selection. Please review the RPL guidelines .

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