Cotutelle and international opportunities

Cotutelle and international opportunities


Spread your wings internationally and gain a research experience like no other. Macquarie’s global perspective is at the heart of everything we do.

Deep, continuing relationships with international research universities is a priority. Macquarie is proud to have high-quality research training partnerships with universities in Asia, the UK, Europe, the US and South America.

Our international research training opportunities enhance a candidate’s training experience by providing access to the latest research equipment and technologies at two (or more) institutions, strengthening collaborations and exposing candidates to different academic environments and international networks.

  • Cotutelle and Joint PhD programs

    A Cotutelle and Joint PhD program is a PhD program where a candidate is jointly enrolled at two universities, and spends time at each university.

  • Master of Research exchange

    The Master of Research Exchange Program provides you with opportunities to undertake international experiences during your studies. Inbound and outbound opportunities are available.

  • HDR Mobility opportunities

    Consider the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your discipline and extend your networks globally by taking advantage of the Summer School options provided at many of our Partner Universities.

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