The philosophy program at Macquarie has strengths in European philosophy, ethics, philosophical psychology, philosophy of mind and social philosophy. More recently, it has also developed specialisations in bioethics, medical ethics and moral cognition.

In the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation, our philosophy and religious studies research received a rating of ‘performance above world standard’.

A distinctive feature of philosophy at Macquarie is our research focus on human agency, mind and self. Recent appointments have consolidated our position at the forefront of research in these fields, with expertise in extended cognition, philosophy of mind and cognition, philosophy of the life sciences, moral responsibility and moral cognition, and philosophy of agency.

Download the "2018 Higher Degree Research - Philosophy" discipline sheet.

Our research strengths

Our research strengths are concentrated in the areas of:

Ethics and applied ethics

  • bioethics; clinical, surgical and public health ethics; reproductive ethics and parenting; research ethics; animal ethics
  • moral psychology, autonomy, moral responsibility, diachronic agency, selfhood
  • neuroethics, neurolaw, and
  • normative ethics, Kant’s ethics, normative political philosophy

Mind, metaphysics and meaning

  • naturalistic philosophy of mind and cognition, embodied and extended cognition, moral cognition, philosophy of cognitive neuroscience
  • philosophy of biology, animal cognition, and
  • philosophy of language, epistemology, pragmatism, the philosophy of race

Social philosophy and Modern European philosophy

  • existential phenomenology and hermeneutics, social and political philosophy particularly in the Hegelian and post-Hegelian tradition, continental aesthetics, post-structuralism, and critical social theory in the Frankfurt School tradition
  • philosophy of film, and
  • philosophy of work

Our research hubs

Macquarie’s philosophy research supports the Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics (CAVE).

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