Languages and linguistics

Languages and linguistics

LinguisticsAt Macquarie we undertake world-class research into the role of language and languages in the creation and representation of cultural identities and their impact on linguistic and literary products in social life. This includes cutting-edge work on historical and contemporary transnationalism, migration and globalisation, and on how languages are learned, taught, used and translated through a range of means and contexts.

Our linguistics research spans a range of topics from intercultural communication to language sciences, including child language disorders. We are world leaders in language acquisition research, and sign language teaching and research, and are home to one of the world’s pre-eminent sign language researchers, as well as renowned researchers in applied linguistics, TESOL and professional communication.

In the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation, our linguistics research received a rating of ‘performance above world standard’, as did our language, communication and culture research. Additionally, our research in the sub-disciplines of language studies and literary studies received a rating of ‘performance at world standard’.

Download the "2018 Higher Degree Research - Languages and Linguistics" discipline sheet.

Our research strengths

Our research strengths are concentrated in the areas of:


  • intercultural communication and diversity
  • literature and culture studies
  • migration, language and national identity
  • second language acquisition
  • technology-enhanced language learning, and
  • translation studies


  • applied linguistics, TESOL and language in education
  • language sciences
  • philological and historical studies
  • speech and hearing sciences
  • systemic functional linguistics, and
  • translation and interpreting skills

Our research hubs

Macquarie’s language and linguistics activities support 11 research hubs:

  • Applied Linguistics and Language in Education Research Centre
  • Australasian Children’s Literature Association for Research
  • Centre for Language in Social Life
  • Centre for Language Sciences
  • Centre for Language Technology
  • Centre for Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature
  • Centre for Media History
  • Centre for Translation and Interpreting Research
  • India Research Centre
  • Programming Languages Research Group
  • Sign Language Linguistics Group

In addition, Macquarie is home to the Concentration of Research Excellence in Language Sciences, which brings a combination of theoretical, experimental and computational approaches to the investigation of issues relating to the production and comprehension of languages across the human life span

Macquarie also hosts the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders and is home to the KIT-Macquarie Brain Research Laboratory, which houses the world’s first child MEG system, and the world’s first MEG system for children and adults with Cochlear implants.

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