Information and computing sciences

Information and computing sciences

Computing sciencesLocated in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, Macquarie’s information and computing science researchers are uniquely positioned to conduct collaborative research of national and international significance.

This was reflected in the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation, which gave our research in the sub-discipline of computation theory and mathematics a rating of ‘performance above world standard’. Our research in the sub-disciplines of artificial intelligence and image processing and distributed computing received ratings of ‘performance at world standard’.

Some of our high-profile industry partners include Atlantek Vision, BCS Electronic Design, CSIRO, Datacom, Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Signals Directorate, EMC, Holocentric, Honeywell, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Optus, Sigma Plus Consulting and Timber Queensland.

Download the "2018 Higher Degree Research - Information and Computing Sciences" discipline sheet.

Our research strengths

Our research strengths are concentrated in the areas of:

  • algorithms and cryptography
  • category theory
  • computer and network security
  • information systems
  • intelligent systems
  • machine learning
  • natural language processing
  • programming languages
  • services computing
  • social networks, and
  • virtual reality

Our research hubs

Our information and computing sciences activities support eight research hubs:

  • Advanced Cyber Security Research Centre
  • Centre for Advanced Computing
  • Centre for Language Sciences
  • Centre for Language Technology
  • Centre of Australian Category Theory
  • Intelligent Systems Group
  • Programming Languages Research Group
  • Virtual and Interactive Simulations of Reality

The department also works closely with the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders.

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