Engaging with risk to deepen resilience

We work closely with the Australian Government on implementation of the University Foreign Interference Taskforce Guidelines.

The University Foreign Interference Taskforce Guidelines have been developed in partnership with the Australian Government to help manage risks against foreign interference in the university sector.

International collaboration enables research excellence and benefits Australia’s national interests. Macquarie University is committed to forging partnerships with world-leading organisations and contributing to the advancement of research, innovation and commercialisation in Australia. The Guidelines provide a framework for these international collaborations.

Export control and sanctions regimes have changed and are continuing to change. Macquarie University recommends seeking training or information if you haven’t interacted with compliance processes in the past 12 months.

Resources are available to Macquarie University staff on Australian export controls and sanctions and what this may mean for your research.

Learn more about export controls and sanctions.

Research funded by the Australian Department of Defence must comply with Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) requirements. Macquarie University also extends these security requirements to work with defence industry funders and foreign defence agencies.

Learn more about DISP.

Macquarie University has self-service resources available for staff seeking to undertake due diligence ahead of grant applications. Grants submitted to the Australian Research Council are reviewed for foreign interference risks and all staff are recommended to use these tools prior to submitting competitive grants.

View the online tools and resources.

If you have experienced harassment, intimidation or doxing you can report that behaviour via the Macquarie University complaints portal. If you would prefer to disclose that information in person, you can arrange an appointment via foreign.relations@mq.edu.au.

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Research Services supports Macquarie University on administration of the Foreign Arrangements Scheme. Arrangements executed on behalf of the University with a Foreign Entity may be notifiable to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Inquiries should be directed to foreign.relations@mq.edu.au.

Learn more about the Foreign Relations Act.

Macquarie University staff may need to register activities with the Attorney-General’s Department if activity is undertaken on behalf of a foreign principal. Staff are encouraged to contact foreign.relations@mq.edu.au if they are in doubt as to whether an activity should be registered.

Learn more about the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme.