Research excellence in mathematics and statistics

Macquarie has world-leading expertise in pure mathematics (category theory, harmonic analysis); applied mathematics (waves, dynamics and modelling); and statistics (modelling, biostatistics, computational and applied statistics).

Areas of specialisation

  • Applied mathematics
  • Approximation theory and asymptotic methods
  • Biological mathematics
  • Dynamical systems in applications
  • Mathematical physics
  • Numerical and computational mathematics
  • Pure mathematics
  • Biostatistics
  • Statistics.

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Research collectives

Research highlights

Macquarie researchers collaborate widely with local and international teams contributing to knowledge in animal and human health, climate change, finance and education.

Through the application and generation of relevant statistical models and associated theory, the results of our research have had direct impact on policy development and medical guidelines.

We collaborate externally with industry, such as Cochlear Ltd, to determine predictors of change in perceived hearing of child and adult patients receiving implants.

Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT) CoACT members are pioneers of monoidal, enriched, and higher-dimensional category theory – areas which are increasingly fundamental to modern algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics.

CoACT’s research has also influenced algebraic topology and homotopy theory, programming language semantics and quantum groups.