Submitting a new application

Submitting a new application

Review process for new applications

The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) reviews all submissions.

The AEC meets eleven (11) times a year. View meeting dates.

All submissions to the AEC (including new applications, requests for amendment/addition of new personnel, Progress and Final reports, etc.) must be received a minimum of 2 and a half weeks prior to the meeting. This is essential to allow sufficient time for processing and review of submissions by the AEC prior to meetings.

Applications received after the closing date (see closing dates) will be deferred to the next meeting.

If any specific comments or questions are raised by the Committee in the initial review period (especially for new applications), these are sent either via the Ethics, Biosafety and other Applications system (Animal Ethics Management System) or by email to the Chief Investigator (CI) (and the Associate Investigator where applicable) the week before the meeting. The CI then has until 10am Friday to provide a response, which is reviewed by the Committee at the meeting the next week. The CI is to be available on the AEC meeting date, either telephonically or personally (between 12pm - 4pm), in the event that the Committee may need to clarify aspects of their new project application/amendment/annual (progress) report or final report.

These pre-meeting questions give applicants an opportunity to clarify queries the Committee may have regarding their submission, and can facilitate the approval process.

NB the written responses provided in response to AEC comments or queries constitute official documents and will be treated as part of the protocol submitted for approval. These documents, including email correspondence, are filed with the original project.

For information regarding the different AEC application processes, please see below:

Application to the AEC for a new project

Before filling in your application form ensure you have read and understood the relevant legislation, guidelines and policies which relate to your project.

Animals must not be ordered and research must not commence on a protocol until a signed Animal Research Authority and approval email is issued by the AEC.

The process:

    All animal ethics submissions and reviews for conducting research or teaching projects which involve the use  of animals, including new applications, amendments and annual reports will be completed via an online system.

    Log into the Ethics, Biosafety and other Applications system using your MQ OneID (MQ2013XXXX, 4XXXXXXX or MQXXXXXXXX) and MQ OneID password to create and submit your Animal Ethics Online Application Form. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser to access the system. Do not use Internet Explorer.

    Animal Ethics have implemented a Wiki page for Animal Ethics research at Macquarie University. Log in with your Macquarie University OneID.

    Here you will find resources and important information for approved animal researchers, and AEC members:

  • If a new strain or species is being used that is not listed in the Ethics, Biosafety and other Applications system master data, the Chief Investigator is to contact in order for this to be added onto the system before submission of the application.
  • It is recommended that you seek advice from the Animal Welfare Officer or the Chair of the AEC before you lodge your application.
  • Please ensure that you have provided a correct and current email address as we may need to contact you via email.

Teaching projects

If you are submitting an application for work relating to a teaching unit:

  • Course hand-outs must accompany the application.
  • You should submit your application to the AEC at least two (2) months prior to the commencement of the practical class.

  • The Process:

    Please complete the Animal Ethics Online Application Form

    Use your OneID username (MQ2013XXXX, 4XXXXXXX or MQXXXXXXXX) and password to access the online application form.

    View Quick Reference Guides (QRG's).

  • The AEC strongly advises against submitting applications to the AEC meeting immediately before the date the practical class is due to start.
  • If the AEC has concerns about a teaching project, it will not be approved purely because the practical class is about to commence. It is the responsibility of the researcher/teacher to ensure teaching projects are submitted in time to allow the AEC to seek and receive clarification (if necessary) prior to the next meeting.

Collaborative projects

In collaborative projects, where a researcher employed by one institution carries out research at another institution, the AEC of the host institution would have a supervisory role over the research, but the employing institution would continue to have authority over the employee's actions and would be responsible for any acts of its employee which contravene the Animal Research Act.

To allow the Macquarie University AEC to properly monitor research, all collaborative projects that have been approved by another institution's AEC must also be submitted to the Macquarie University AEC for noting.

Collaborative projects should be submitted in the same way as an application for a new project (complete and submit form on the Ethics, Biosafety & other Applications portal). You will also be required to provide a copy of the Institution approved ARA and application form as part of this application. If these documents are in another language, they must be translated into certified document translated into English for Committee review.

Collaborations may include:

  • Projects that will be carried out at more than one institution
  • Collaborating investigator external to Macquarie University
  • Animal being housed or moved to and from another institution during project
  • Similar projects being conducted simultaneously at more than one institution
  • Macquarie University Staff/Student performing research at another institution
  • Other collaboration not listed above

The Macquarie University AEC requires notification of all approved changes to this protocol (including ARA renewals, amendments, progress reports, changes to personnel, final reports etc.) from the host AEC. It is the responsibility of Macquarie University Collaborators to ensure the Macquarie University AEC is kept informed in this way.

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