Application resources

Application resources

Animal Research and Teaching Applications

All animal ethics submissions and reviews for conducting research or teaching projects which involve the use  of animals, including new applications, amendments and annual reports will now  be completed via an online solution.

Log into the Animal Ethics Management System, using your MQ OneID (MQ2013XXXX, 4XXXXXXX or MQXXXXXXXX) and MQ OneID password to create and submit your Animal Ethics Online Application Form. Google Chrome is the preferred web browser to access the system. Do not use Internet Explorer as the system will not function fully in this browser.

Animal Ethics have implemented a Wiki page for Animal Ethics research at Macquarie University. Log in with your Macquarie University OneID.

Here you will find resources and important information for approved animal researchers, and AEC members:

Other form submissions

For all executive amendments, minor/major amendments. unexpected adverse events and annual reports (Progress/Final), please log into the Animal Ethics Management System, using your MQ OneID (MQ2013XXXX, 4XXXXXXX or MQXXXXXXXX) and MQ OneID password to edit and submit your Animal Ethics Online sub-forms.

Click Word/PDF icon to download the desired form below.

Experimental Procedures Document (Added May 2017)

When submitting a new animal ethics application to the AEC you are required to fill out the Experimental Procedures document (Supplementary document) outlining the procedures to be undertaken.

Upload this document in the relevant section when completing the Animal Ethics application form in the new Animal Ethics Management System.

Appendix A (Added July 2011)

(Tables adapted from Form L) - for use with the above two Application forms


Appendix B - Phenotype Report (Updated April 2015)

For use with Application forms when applicable

Click here to download form

Breeding and Supply Report

(Updated February 2016)
Submit a signed electronic copy ONLY (WORD doc preferred)


Animal Ethics Application Form - Personnel Expertise  

(Updated March 2018)


Only signed, typed forms on the most current version of the form will be accepted.

ALL forms should only be submitted electronically in WORD format (to

Please do not download these forms and save them onto your computer for later use, as they are updated on an ongoing basis. Always download a fresh form from this web page.

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