Affiliated Macquarie Innovations

Affiliated Macquarie Innovations

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The underlying technology base was originally developed at Macquarie University to solve the very real problem of integrating object-based learning into online education.  Pedestal 3D now operates as a wholly independent entity after successfully spinning out from Macquarie University with assistance from the Office of Commercialisation and Innovation.

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You can complete this course and receive your certificate in eight days or spend longer exploring the included case studies and watching the videos. Regardless of the sector you work in, completion of this course will help your career development and current job activities.

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The course is also recommended for larger groups and special rates can be offered.

Contact: Dr Kirsten Davies

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Our mentoring guide identifies key skills for mentees and mentors and provides an easy step-by-step process for both mentees and mentors, including checklists and reflection exercises.

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Developed by experts and delivered by experienced teachers, the program is aligned with the NSW Science and Technology Syllabus and the Early Years Learning Framework.  Classes are relevant and age-appropriate, including smaller classes for younger children, and more challenging content for older ones.

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