Mathematical sciences

In ERA 2015, research in mathematical sciences received a rating of 4 out of 5 – ‘performance above world standard’ – for the discipline overall. Macquarie also received the top rating of 5 – ‘outstanding performance well above world standard’ – for the sub-discipline of pure mathematics and a rating of 4 for statistics.

This places Macquarie among the top six Australian universities for pure mathematics.

Pure mathematics research is primarily conducted in the departments of Mathematics and Computing, including the Centre of Australian Category Theory (CoACT), a Macquarie University Research Centre.

University strengths

Macquarie has had long-standing strengths in the areas of analysis, category theory and number theory. Applied mathematics has developed over the last ten years, with the main areas of expertise being waves and fluid dynamics, and optimisation and optimal control.

Expertise in statistics resides mainly in the departments of Statistics and of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, including research strengths in the areas of biostatistics, applied statistics, stochastic finance, time series analysis, bioinformatics, and image processing.

The Department of Statistics is one of the largest in Australia, with large cross-disciplinary teaching responsibilities complementing its research activities.


Recipients of accolades include:

  • Professor Vladimir Gaitsgory (Discovery Outstanding Research Award) 
  • Professor Ross Street (George Szekeres Medal, Chaire de la Vallee-Poussin, Discovery Outstanding Research Award, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science)
  • Professor Malcolm Hudson (IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award)
  • Associate Professor Steve Lack (Australian Mathematical Society Medallist).

Our researchers also serve on editorial boards of key journals in the area, including Advances in Mathematics, Statistics in Medicine, and Applied Mathematical Modelling.

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