Human society

In ERA 2015, research for studies in human society was rated at world standard for the discipline overall. The four core sub-disciplines of focus at Macquarie University are anthropology, human geography, sociology and political science.

These core strengths are complemented by externally supported research in health and development, religion in contemporary society, environmental change, Indigenous studies, and ethnic and migration studies.

Macquarie’s research in this discipline addresses important issues in the Asia-Pacific region and investigates key challenges facing changing societies, including the state of democratic institutions, work and welfare, democratic cohesion, multiculturalism, development, risk and sustainability of cities.


Accolades include:

  • Professor Marion Maddox (ARC Future Fellowship)
  • Emeritus Professor Murray Goot (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia)
  • Professor Stephanie Lawson (Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia)
  • Professor Ann Henderson-Sellers (Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering)
  • Professor Richard Howitt (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies).
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