Innovation through ingenuity

Innovation through ingenuity

Phil Taylor, Macquarie University Biology Research Group, with fruit flies 

Groundbreaking discoveries

Macquarie has a strong record of innovation, with our researchers responsible for some groundbreaking discoveries that have changed the world. These include the development of:

  • Wi-fi with CSIRO
  • SUPER Dots –  hypersensitive molecular probes – that allow for non-invasive early-stage diagnosis of cancer and rapid pathogen detection.
  • Efficient blue LED lights which are revolutionising lighting in 21st century.
  • The first quick and reliable test for the waterborne cryptosporidium pathogen.
  • Australia’s first synthetic antivenene for the funnel-web spider.
  • A sterile insect technique which is used across the country to combat crop-destroying fruit flies.
  • The yellow laser, which produces much better outcomes in retinal surgery than the standard green laser.
  • The trail-blazing technology that allowed the Sydney and Athens Olympic Games torches to burn bright over a longer period of time.
  • A highly efficient and cost-effective remote sampling tool that has been widely adopted by the mineral exploration industry.
  • Online treatments for mental health conditions, providing cost effective access to advice and support for residents of the most remote parts of our country.
  • The term ‘proteomics’ to describe the emerging field of protein science.

Innovative international research projects

Additionally, Macquarie is the only Australian university to be involved with several innovative international research projects with leading universities and organisations. These include:

  • Research into Parkinson’s disease with The Michael J Fox Foundation.
  • Construction of a fully synthesised yeast chromosome – Yeast 2.0 – which will lead to the production of more efficient biofuels, and more effective medicines.
  • Development of future wireless technologies which are increasingly referred to as 5G.

As we look to the future, we are constantly seeking new solutions to the challenges the world faces.

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