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Professor Jennie Hudson

Genes for Treatment

The “Genes for Treatment” study is an international multi-site collaboration involving 15 institutions from Australia, UK, Europe and the US including Macquarie University.

Associate Professor Kay Bussey

Multileveled Mentoring

Associate Professor Kay Bussey provides enabling research mentoring in a way that flows through the entire research ecosystem. From recently appointed postdoctoral researchers, to higher degree research candidates, through to final year undergraduate students – Associate Professor Bussey doesn’t leave anyone out.

Professor Jennie Hudson

Academic Writing Challenge

In April 2013 Professor Jennie Hudson initiated a six-week team based writing challenge within the Centre for Emotional Health. The challenge was based on the fact that academics are more productive when they devote regular time to writing, rather than waiting for chunks of free time to materialise.

Dr Miriam Forbes

Depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction

Over half of the Australian population will experience sexual difficulties, low mood, and anxiety at clinically significant levels, and often at the same time. When sexual dysfunctions occur at the same time as anxiety or depression they have a profoundly negative impact on quality of life.

Jamie Nowlan

Positive reappraisal in older adults

Psychological therapeutic techniques for older adults are a neglected area of research. The number of people aged 65 and older is estimated to increase from 500 million in 2010 to 1.5 billion in 2050.