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The Unlawful Insult

The question of whether swearing in public should be a criminal offence was highlighted recently by a Sydney Local Court decision in dismissed three offensive language charges. These offensive language crimes are broadly drafted provisions that allow police and judicial officers significant discretion in policing and adjudicating offensiveness.

– Left to Right – Associate Professor Vijaya Nagarajan (MLS); Associate Professor Archana Parashar(MLS) , Professor Amita Dhanda (NALSAR University of Law), and Professor Gerard Quinn (Nui Galway University)

Accelerating the pace of reform

Over the first two weeks in October 2016, Dr Vijaya Nagarajan and Dr Archana Parashar were at NALSAR University of Law in India as part of the Government of India’s Global Initiative of Academic Networks. This network is aimed at bringing internationally recognized academics to Indian universities for collaborative research and to accelerate the pace of reform.

Andrew Burke headshot feature

Improving the sentencing of environmental crimes

Environmental crime, such as pollution or clearing native vegetation without approval, is a relatively new area of criminal law. It has unique characteristics which can lead to punishments that don’t fit the crime. An important question for governments around the world is how to design laws that target environmental crime effectively.

Senior Lecturer and PhD Candidate Ms Lise Barry

Tackling Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is most commonly perpetrated by the adult children of an older person, and older people with a cognitive impairment are particularly at risk.


Regulating the mining of the deep seabed

Mining the deep seabed for minerals, such as copper, manganese, and rare earth minerals is an emerging industry. The mining will be done by remotely operated vehicles at a depth of between 1500 and 6000 metres.

Vanuatu 2016 research team: Back left; Roger, Dana, Tom, Sonia   Seated: Kirsten Davies ( academic), Quintin ( external student on Skype) and Chris

Climate Law in the South Pacific

Pacific Island Countries are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, yet they have negligibly contributed to the historical emissions of greenhouse gasses.