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Application of thermal science to industrial ecology

Dr Vladimir Strezov designed thermo-analytical techniques for applying the thermal characterisation of materials, monitoring the energy required for their processing and understanding the fundamental properties responsible for pollutant formation at the source.

High-speed OSAM scanning microscopy for early diagnosis

Yiqing’s PhD research has broken through the current bio-sensing constraints through his invention of a time-resolved approach called “OSAM”, an Orthogonal Scanning Automated Microscopy suitable for rapid detection of single cells.

Science - XY Pic package

XY-pic software package

The Xy-pic package started out as a means for Rose to present his M.Sc. thesis in the early 1990s, but was quickly seen to be applicable to a wide range of mathematical graphics, in particular for Abstract Algebra and Category Theory.

Science - Diamond Optics (1)

Diamond optics and lasers

Diamond’s extraordinary properties are already providing us with massive leaps in optical device performance. In partnership with commercial and government organisations, we are working to exploit these advantages to solve real world challenges.

Science - 3d Lightwave Circuits

3D lightwave circuits

Advances in miniaturisation science and engineering have revolutionised micro-electronics. Researchers at Macquarie University are developing a new fabrication platform that can enable a unique class of 3-dimensional lightwave circuits

Science - Laser Cured Protein Solder

Laser-cured solder for micro-surgical tissue repair

A collaboration between staff and students of MQ University and Prof Earl Owen of the Microsearch Foundation developed solid protein “solders” for joining severed tissues in microsurgery. Laser light is delivered by optical fibre to cure the protein solder and cause it to adhere to the two tissues to be joined.