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Highly Functional and Robust, Monolithic Fibre Laser Systems

The type of laser being developed is called a fibre laser and consists of a laser operating within an optical fibre, the innovation approach used was when these lasers were combined with internal mirrors, known as fibre Bragg gratings.


The Lithosphere Shopping Centre

Diamonds are produced in the mantle by super-high pressure which can be reached only under the very thick continents. The more ancient the continent, the more thicker the lithosphere and the more chances to have diamonds there.

Jim Piper Award for Excellence in Research Leadership (Highly Commended 2014)

Professor Michael Withford’s current research explores femtosecond laser modification of transparent materials, and the development of novel 2D and 3D lightwave devices. Outcomes include fibre Bragg gratings, monolithic waveguide lasers, high power fibre lasers, quantum photonics and interferometric chips for astronomy.