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Image courtesy of Robin Blumfield, CCD

A history of firsts

The first MEG system in the Southern Hemisphere, the world’s first child MEG system and the world’s first MEG brain imaging system for people with hearing devices – the KIT-MQ Brain Research Laboratory is a hub of innovation.

Image courtesy of Chris Stacey

EXPERTise 2.0

What does a doctor learn from someone’s skin colour, oxygen saturation and breathing? If a cricket bowler grips the ball in a certain way, what kind of delivery will he bowl?

white shark 350px

Shark Deterrence

An increase in the number of fatal shark attacks in recent years has seen renewed interest in technologies that deter sharks from interacting too closely with humans. Surfers are at the greatest risk of shark attack and by developing novel technologies to deter sharks Hart is hopeful his team can save lives.

Spring of Silver

The Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies at Macquarie University uses X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry to study how silver is employed for the minting of archaic Athenian coins. The research project, “A spring of silver, a treasury in the earth: coinage and wealth in archaic Athens”, was funded by the Australian Research Council from 2012 to 2014, and was concluded at the conference “Mines, Metals and Money in Attica and the Ancient World” held in Athens, Greece on 20-22 April 2015.

Dr Lee Spitler

A gateway to distant galaxies

Dr Lee Spitler’s research develops methods to maximise the information extracted from telescope observations. This allows the charting of previously unknown aspects of the universe and provides a gateway to new and original research investigations.