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Changing the minds of dementia patients

“I’m ecstatic about the impact our programs have on kids, and knowing that we’ve changed their lives for the better. But we need to ask ‘what about our retirees?’” says Professor Ron Rapee, ARC Laureate Fellow, and former Director of the Centre for Emotional Health.

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Helping patients cope with cancer

Pairing psychology with cancer treatment has a profound impact on the wellbeing of patients, Associate Professor Maria Kangas and her team at the Centre for Emotional Health have found.

Professor Amanda Barnier

Professor Amanda Barnier

Professor Amanda Barnier has earned an international reputation for innovative, interdisciplinary research in cognitive science and psychology that addresses important real-world problems.

Professor Jennie Hudson

Genes for Treatment

The “Genes for Treatment” study is an international multi-site collaboration involving 15 institutions from Australia, UK, Europe and the US including Macquarie University.

Dr Alexandra Woolgar

Representing the Brain

Dr Alexandra Woolgar’s work was the first to demonstrate that many human brain regions are adaptive. Once thought of as a fixed input/output system, the brain turns out to be far more dynamic, interactive and flexible than previously imagined.

Dr Edwin Lim

Tryptophan Biomarkers

Dr Edwin Lim proposed the first biomarker to discriminate MS clinical subtypes using tryptophan metabolomics. His work aims to deliver a reliable prognostic biomarker to track neurological and mental wellbeing.