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Image courtesy of Myles Pritchard

Changing the minds of dementia patients

“I’m ecstatic about the impact our programs have on kids, and knowing that we’ve changed their lives for the better. But we need to ask ‘what about our retirees?’” says Professor Ron Rapee, ARC Laureate Fellow, and former Director of the Centre for Emotional Health.

Image courtesy of Chris Stacey

Helping patients cope with cancer

Pairing psychology with cancer treatment has a profound impact on the wellbeing of patients, Associate Professor Maria Kangas and her team at the Centre for Emotional Health have found.

Professor Jennie Hudson

Academic Writing Challenge

In April 2013 Professor Jennie Hudson initiated a six-week team based writing challenge within the Centre for Emotional Health. The challenge was based on the fact that academics are more productive when they devote regular time to writing, rather than waiting for chunks of free time to materialise.

The Jim Piper Award for Excellence in Research Leadership (Highly Commended 2013)

Jennie has an exceptional track record as a leading researcher in the field of clinical child psychology, demonstrated by sustained and distinguished performance in grant funding, publications, citations and research supervision.