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Dr Lee Spitler

A gateway to distant galaxies

Dr Lee Spitler’s research develops methods to maximise the information extracted from telescope observations. This allows the charting of previously unknown aspects of the universe and provides a gateway to new and original research investigations.

Science - Planetary Nebulae

Planetary nebulae

Planetary nebulae are enigmatic and photogenic celestial objects, but they have nothing to do with planets. They are the glowing shrouds of dying stars and extremely powerful astrophysical tools. They offer a brief window into the soul of most star’s lives.

Early Career Researcher of the Year – Science & Engineering (Highly Commended 2013)

David is an early career researcher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie University. He is currently a Macquarie University Research Fellow, working on his passion, the late-stage evolution of stars.