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Dr Edwin Lim

Tryptophan Biomarkers

Dr Edwin Lim proposed the first biomarker to discriminate MS clinical subtypes using tryptophan metabolomics. His work aims to deliver a reliable prognostic biomarker to track neurological and mental wellbeing.

Dr Lee Spitler

A gateway to distant galaxies

Dr Lee Spitler’s research develops methods to maximise the information extracted from telescope observations. This allows the charting of previously unknown aspects of the universe and provides a gateway to new and original research investigations.

Associate Professor Kay Bussey

Multileveled Mentoring

Associate Professor Kay Bussey provides enabling research mentoring in a way that flows through the entire research ecosystem. From recently appointed postdoctoral researchers, to higher degree research candidates, through to final year undergraduate students – Associate Professor Bussey doesn’t leave anyone out.

Professor Jennie Hudson

Academic Writing Challenge

In April 2013 Professor Jennie Hudson initiated a six-week team based writing challenge within the Centre for Emotional Health. The challenge was based on the fact that academics are more productive when they devote regular time to writing, rather than waiting for chunks of free time to materialise.

Professor Chris Patel

International Accounting Supervision

Professor Chris Patel continues to cultivate the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance’s strong reputation for higher degree research in international accounting. This strength was founded on the pioneering work of the late Associate Professor Jill McKinnon and Professor Graeme Harrison.

Diego Barneche Rosado

Reef Fish and Energy Use

Modelling ecological phenomena on the basis of energy and materials available in the environment provides a deeper understanding of the environmental constraints to life. Reef fishes represent the most species-rich group of vetebrates and occupy diverse habitats that vary substantially in temperature across the globe.