Science & Engineering

Photo: P. Harmsen, MNF 2015

Trialling the new Marine National Facility

Dr Leanne Armand (Dept. Biological Sciences) and A/Prof. Kelsie Dadd (Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences) have just returned from the East Coast of Tasmania where they participated on a 5 day “Geosciences” trial voyage on the new Marine National Facility.

Professor Mark Taylor

Eliminating Toxic Exposures in Australian Communities

Professor Taylor and his research team have demonstrated there is no safe level of exposure for many of the metals they investigate, such as lead, arsenic and cadmium. Their evidence-based research compels residents, industry and government to face up to the real environmental risks of living in an industrially contaminated community.


The Lithosphere Shopping Centre

Diamonds are produced in the mantle by super-high pressure which can be reached only under the very thick continents. The more ancient the continent, the more thicker the lithosphere and the more chances to have diamonds there.

Science - Lungfish Research(2)

Lungfish research

Lungfish are considered the living fossil of the vertebrate world. Understanding the biology of lungfish contributes enormously to our understanding of vertebrate evolution. Professor Jean Joss has established the hormonal and genetic basis of development in the Australian Lungfish.

Science - Planetary Nebulae

Planetary nebulae

Planetary nebulae are enigmatic and photogenic celestial objects, but they have nothing to do with planets. They are the glowing shrouds of dying stars and extremely powerful astrophysical tools. They offer a brief window into the soul of most star’s lives.