Science & Engineering

Dr Lee Spitler

A gateway to distant galaxies

Dr Lee Spitler’s research develops methods to maximise the information extracted from telescope observations. This allows the charting of previously unknown aspects of the universe and provides a gateway to new and original research investigations.

Diego Barneche Rosado

Reef Fish and Energy Use

Modelling ecological phenomena on the basis of energy and materials available in the environment provides a deeper understanding of the environmental constraints to life. Reef fishes represent the most species-rich group of vetebrates and occupy diverse habitats that vary substantially in temperature across the globe.

Chengxin Jiang

Deciphering the Earth’s history through passive seismic noise

Our current understanding of large-scale crustal structures is mostly via seismic tomography images, which are similar to CT scans used in medicine. The recent advent of ambient-noise tomography, which relies on information from seismic noise generated by oceans, has proved to be extremely powerful in resolving crustal structures.

Highly Functional and Robust, Monolithic Fibre Laser Systems

The type of laser being developed is called a fibre laser and consists of a laser operating within an optical fibre, the innovation approach used was when these lasers were combined with internal mirrors, known as fibre Bragg gratings.