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MND Australia Ice Bucket Challenge

MND Australia has awarded a $1.05 million Ice Bucket Challenge Grant to the Sporadic ALS Australian Systems Consortium. Associate Professor Ian Blair of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will lead the project with Professor Naomi Gray of the University of Queensland’s Brain Institute.

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Electronic Medication Management Systems

A research team led by Professor Johanna Westbrook working with clinical and IT staff from Sydney’s St Vincent Hospital have found that the electronic medication management system MedChart would provide savings of around $100,000 per year for a 30 bed ward.

Lake Wyangan, image courtesy of Prof Gilles Guillemin

Lake Wyangan and Motor Neuron Disease

Professor Gilles Guillemin has been taking samples of fish and water from Lake Wyangan as part of his research into Motor Neuron Disease (MND). This research follows on from work done by Professor Dominic Rowe and Professor Gilles Guillemin on a local MND cluster in Griffith and Wagga Wagga area.

Investigation into the factors that promote development and expansion of spinal cord cysts

Spinal cord cysts (syringomyelia) occur in approximately 28% of patients following spinal cord injury. The underlying mechanisms for syringomyelia development and expansion are still poorly understood.

Corticosteroid nasal irrigations after endoscopic sinus surgery for recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitis

A new treatment of corticosteroid nasal irrigations after endoscopic sinus surgery which combines the therapeutic effects of sinus surgery and effective delivery of corticosteroid is proposed.