The EPIC-NSW Study

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention method where people who don’t have HIV take a pill every day to reduce their risk of being infected with HIV. The EPIC-NSW Study is rapidly rolling out PrEP and Prof Janaki Amin is a co-investigator on the study team.

The PrEP pill contains antiretroviral medicines that are normally used in the treatment of people already infected by HIV. The two medicines in PrEP, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) and emtricitabine (FTC) are used to suppress the virus in people living with HIV. PrEP must be taken every day to be effective.

In collaboration with the Kirby Institute and the NSW Ministry of Health, the PrEP trial is being expanded to more participants and the EPIC-NSW (Expanded PrEP Implementation in Communities in NSW) study recruited its 6000th participant in June2017. The aim of the study is to reduce HIV infections in NSW and put NSW on a path to eliminate HIV transmission by 2020.

The study aims to rapidly enrol and follow them over two years to investigate the impact of PrEP at a population level. With the expansive reach of this program, and in conjunction with HIV test and treat initiatives, we are well on tract to significantly reduce the number of new HIV infections.