M Squared Lasers

Macquarie has a history of engagement with M Squared Lasers, directly translating laser research to commercial applications. Five Macquarie academics have collaborated on distinct research projects and three separate linkage projects have been funded.

M Squared supplies advanced photonics platforms to researchers around the world and collaborates with Macquarie in order to explore new light-based applications. Their high performance systems are critical enablers of fundamental physics research and have supported a number of world firsts, including the first demonstration of ‘teleportation’ and the first stable ultra-cold molecules. Macquarie’s collaboration with M Squared has the potential to impact on problems in the fields of quantum technology, biophotonics and chemical sensing.

Macquarie’s Raman laser group has been very involved in the relationship with M Squared. The group is a world-leader in solid-state Raman laser technology, including continuous wave and pulsed laser sources for the ultraviolet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and infra-red spectral regions. M squared has been involved with four Macquarie patents and Macquarie is very excited to continue to create impact with the company.