Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai
Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai

Not just another face in the crowd: Regulating face recognition technologies on social media

The habit of uploading photographs onto social networking sites has now converged with advances in face recognition technologies. This raises concerns about the potential violation of personal privacy on the internet.

Despite the intrusive potential of face recognition technologies, the unauthorised application of these technologies is not prohibited. Associate Professor Niloufer Selvadurai investigates the intrusive potential of face recognition technologies. Niloufer considers the merits of enacting specific laws to address this issue and provides recommendations about how these laws might operate. Her research is published in Oxford University’s International Journal of Law and Information Technology. Niloufer and Professor Julia Hornle of the Queen Mary University of London also publish a blog on this issue.

There is a changed online relationship between the observer and the observed and evolving societal norms regarding online privacy. Niloufer looks into the merits of supporting anonymity versus the control of information. She also examines existing laws that prohibit the unauthorised interception and access of data and provides guidance for the appropriate design of future laws protecting visual images.

Niloufer researches technology law and was a member of the Australian Group’s Submission to The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property in 2015 and 2014.