Associate Professor John Dumay
Associate Professor John Dumay

Managing Knowledge

Associate Professor John Dumay of the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance is an expert in knowledge management and a member of the Australian Government Consultative Committee on Knowledge Capital. After working as a consultant over fifteen years, John joined academia and has applied many of the techniques learned throughout his consulting career to the academy. John applies his research to real industry problems, treating collaboration projects as consulting assignments.

John has collaborated with the NSW Department of Lands (2004-2010) across seven years of continuous research. During this time the Department began publishing internal intellectual capital reports – a direct result of John’s research.

John used his knowledge management research to create a consistent set of metrics – a strategic value chain – and has applied this in a bottom-up strategy formulation for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

John believes there is a need for industry to move from a wealth creation paradigm to a value creation paradigm. This change can be achieved through understanding the differences between reporting and disclosure. Listed companies need to distinguish between the two when reporting information publicly on the stock exchange. Intellectual information, released as a report, doesn’t necessarily add value to the company in the same way as other material information that is required to be released. Such public reporting often has zero impact on investors and may in fact result in a loss of competitive advantage for the firm in the long term.

John’s work considers accounting and the future of the discipline as well as applied research on innovation and the translation of knowledge through venture capital. John asks questions such as ‘how do you represent knowledge from an accounting perspective and how do you value it?’ Discovering answers to these questions will further enable the knowledge economy.